Thermal Imaging London

Thermal Imaging In London

There are many benefits with using Thermal Imaging:

  • It’s a non-invasive and non-destructive method, which keeps your property intact
  • Offers fast and accurate readings that are displayed in real time
  • Can be booked at a time convenient for you
  • Reaches and gives readings for areas deemed inaccessible or hazardous
  • Creates a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared
  • Helps reduces risk of fire as it aims to spot faults

What does Thermal Imaging do? What should you expect?

At JTB Electrical, we are proud to offer first-rate electrical inspections to all of our customers. The use of Thermal Imaging gives us the opportunity to inspect all electrical systems. This gives us the chance to offer customers: load readings for supply and circuit; fault rating system which helps gauge the severity of faults and subsequent recommendations.
The whole inspection is recorded and produced onto a video CD. This is supplemented with a hard copy report which details the thermal anomalies. Sample images are also used within this report for baseline purposes.

Ensure your business passes legal requirements using the most modern and unobtrusive methods available.

Do you need complete assurance that your electrical systems are safe to use? Then Thermal Imaging is perfect for you. At JTB Electrical, we are glad to announce that our Imaging services are available for customers in London. No premises or property will be too big or small for our work.
Thermic Imaging is one of the most efficient methods available on the market used to conduct electrical inspections. The video camera spots and records high temperatures as they appear on the screen. Our clients find that using Thermal Imaging helps them to increases energy efficiency and overall safety in the workplace.

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JTB Electrical is a well known electrical company based in Southampton and have been established for over 10 years. No job is too big or small for our company and we have completed inspections for a wide range of clients like Sainsbury’s, Holiday Inn Express and the Old Bailey.

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Reasons Green Energy Is Becoming The Rage

Green Energy From Southampton

At JTB Electrical, We Can Provide You With Green And Renewable Energy Solutions For Your Property

This planet is the only one we have, so it is essential that we care for it by using green energy when possible. There are a wide variety of green energy technologies available that provide power from sustainable resources. How do you use green energy in your own life? Keep reading to find out.

Solar Panels

Putting in solar panels in your home for solar energy is easy. But, you must think about some things prior to doing this. The most important thing you need to consider is the amount of sun your home gets regularly. If your house is usually in the shade, solar panels will provide limited additional power.

TIP! Be a smarter energy consumer by unplugging your electronic device chargers when they are not in use. Chargers for cell phones, mp3 players, laptops and other devices draw some power when they are plugged in, regardless of whether you are actually charging the device.

Find out about the various energy sources that are available in your local community. Check the cost of running your home using these utilities, taking into consideration any recent legislation regarding energy costs. For example, it may be cheaper for you to heat your home with natural gas as opposed to electricity, or use well water instead of city water.

During the summer time, you should consider drying your clothes using the sun as opposed to using the dryer. Your laundry will smell fantastic after a day in the sun. They will smell better than anything coming out of a dryer. You can save a significant amount on your utility bills, too, because the dryer uses energy and heats up the air, causing the air conditioner to run more often.

TIP! Wash clothes with cold water. Almost 90 percent of the consumed energy while washing your clothes is spent on heating up the water.

One way to be environmentally friendly is to only run the dishwasher when it is completely full. Never run it with just a few dishes inside. You’ll be surprised at how many dishes a dishwasher can load. Make sure you take time to place the dishes in properly so as to maximize the space available.

Solar Energy

TIP! If you use fuel to heat your home, ask a professional about using biodiesel instead. A lot of times this can be done with minimal modifications to your existing system.

A solar energy array can be the cheapest way to getting your hot water. Build a hot-water system based on solar energy. You have a choice between both an indirect or direct circulation system. The indirect one is your best option if you have to worry about frozen pipes in the winter.

Make sure your refrigerator is properly maintained. With the fridge being a top energy consumer in the home, maintenance is important for efficiency. Make sure to clean heating coils often. In addition to that, make the seal near the door clean and tight.

TIP! You can consider getting solar water heaters to heat your water. If you’re in an area that doesn’t have to worry about freezing temperatures, you can get a system that will circulate the water through a solar heater before pumping it into your home.

Get rid of your old water heater and put in a green, tankless one. Instead of keeping a whole tank of water hot at all times, tankless models only heat the water you are actually going to use. You can get a tankless heater that will supply the whole house or one that supplies a single hot-water faucet.

Instead of using a desktop computer, which sucks up more electricity, buy a laptop. You will find yourself shaving 75 percent off of the amount of electricity used for computer usage, especially if you go on the internet often. Laptops are also portable which makes them much more functional and handy in times of need.

Green Energy

More than ever before, it’s crucial to start using more green energy. While all power sources impact the environment, green energy minimizes the effects. Now that you have read this article, you are aware of how to make the proper changes in your life to be more green.